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Germicidal UV Lighting
UV-C Upper Room Unit

Upper Room Germicidal 254 Non-Ionizing UV-C Lighting has been used since the 1930s by hospitals in their general areas, patient rooms and surgical suites to kill bacteria and viruses, and to deliver clean air areas.


These systems work 24/7, creating an irradiation zone within the upper region of most any space. As convection or mechanical air currents lift airborne infectious agents into the upper air (above 7-8 feet), they are exposed to the irradiation where they are killed.

Product Details

  • Kills 99.9% of airborne viruses, bacteria, and fungi

  • Prevents pathogens to recirculate via HVAC

  • Able to be used in occupied spaces 

  • Designed to use the latest in Germicidal UV source technology 

  • Compact 4ft length 

  • Large area of coverage 

  • Horizontal distribution keeps GUV in upper air 

  • UL 1598 Listed 

  • Classified as “Zero Risk” below 7 feet per UL 8802 Testing

Product Certifications

Product Features

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